The Past Masters of

Century #190 and Johnstown #140

This page is dedicated to the men and Masons
who have strengthened our Lodges
through their wisdom and dedication to the Craft.

Century Lodge No. 190 Johnstown Lodge No. 140
James A Collins 1962 George A. Scott 1951
David H. Webber 1963 John Sitzman, Jr. 1955
Calvin E. Staley 1964 Albert J. Stroh 1956
Marvin L. Will 1965 Larry Cogburn 1961
Myron L. Brown 1966 John M. Farlow 1962
Walter J. Cole 1967 Raymand V. Givan 1963
John W. Templin 1968 Daniel Kline 1964
Harry E. “Red” Fehr 1969 O.B. Abrams 1965
Lewis E. Kitts 1970 Howard Schwalm 1966
Winford H. Glasscox 1971 Edward Shultz 1967
William L. Scoggins 1972 Glen R. Anderson 1968
Clarence R. Dressler 1973 Ben Spaur, Jr. 1969
Sherwood W. Bill Neal 1974 Roland Cogburn 1970
Carrell V. Deacon 1975 Don Reichert 1971
Gerald E. Hager 1976 Edw. L. Shultz 1972
LeRoy L. Ball 1977 O.B. Abrams 1973
William K. Lundy 1978 Daniel Kline 1974
Kenneth R. Hewlett 1979 Paul E. Neibauer 1975
Don W. Soderstrom 1980 Carol Culver 1976
Donald T. Harris 1981 Arthur E. Pendergraft 1977
Ronald G. Traber 1982 Arthur E. Pendergraft 1978
Steven G. Heckman 1983 Arthur E. Pendergraft 1979
Julius L. Hancock 1984 Arthur E. Pendergraft 1980
Voyde D. Oldson 1985 Melvin W. Brown 1981
B. Boyd Jenkins 1986 Melvin W. Brown 1982
James H. Dech 1987 Vernon W. Tittle 1983
Cecil J. Phelps 1988 Jack M. Love 1984
Jerry L. Park 1989 Dale LaSart 1985
Michael J. Pennington 1990 Jack M. Love 1986
Clyde R. Jones 1991 Arthur E. Pendergraft 1987
Kenneth Pattison 1992 Jack M. Love 1988
Robert R. Chapman 1993 Melvin W. Brown 1989
Walter R. Kendall 1994 Melvin W. Brown 1990
James E. McDonald 1995 Melvin W. Brown 1991
Michael J. Mitchell 1996 Merger with Century
Robert C. Sweigard 1997
Thomas E. Dannatt 1998
John Douglas Johnson 1999
I. Chadwick Carman 2000
William G. Buckley 2001
Gary E. Mueller 2002
H. Edmund McKeever 2003
Jerry L. Park, Jr. 2004
Darren C. Osborne 2005
David Klamm 2006
Bruce Schmidt 2007
Jerry L. Park, Jr. 2008
Darren C. Osborne 2009
Jason Deselms 2010
Aaron Heizer 2011
Darren C. Osborne 2012
Jerry L. Park 2013
John Taylor 2014
Larry Swiegard 2015

Century Lodge 190

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Century Lodge No. 190

Becoming a Freemason FAQs

How does a man become a Mason?

An individual must apply of his own free will and accord since Masonry does not solicit members. A man interested in becoming a Mason should express that interest to a friend or acquaintance whom he believes to be a mason. He may also contact the secretary of a specific Lodge. He will then receive information leading to a petition process for the degrees of Masonry.

How does a man petition for the degrees of Masonry work?

An individual must file a petition for the degrees of masonry by contacting the secretary of a lodge or by the aid of a Master Mason whom he knows or is acquainted with. Once an investigation committee has interviewed the candidate and he has been deemed worthy of initiation, he can then progress through the three degrees of ancient freemasonry. A candidate begins with the Entered Apprentice Degree, progresses to the Fellowcraft Degree, and then advances to the Master Mason Degree.

Does Masonry have any restrictions pertaining to race, creed, or color?

No. Racial or ethnic background or religious beliefs are not considered when an applicant seeks admission. Membership includes men of all races and religions.

Is there a religious test?

No. Masonry is not a religion. It only requires a belief in a Supreme Being.

Is Masonry political?

No. The discussion of partisan politics in a Masonic Lodge is forbidden and there is no support of candidates for political office. However, every Mason as an individual is encouraged to perform his civic duties supporting our democratic system.

What is meant by a "Lodge"?

It is the individual, local building of Freemasonry.

What does it cost to become a Mason?

Fees for the degrees and annual dues are set by each individual Lodge.

What philanthropies or charities does Masonry aid?

Masons through concordant organizations provide scholarships to colleges and universities without regard to race, creed, or color; contribute to blood banks; maintain hospitals for crippled children; maintain facilities for research in diseases of the eye, childhood aphasia, deafness; and many more.

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